T & C's

Weight of bags

Due to the high number of bags that are over the 20kg maximum weight limit, any person with a bag weighing over 20kg will be given an extra bag to use.  This will incur an additional charge of £5 per day for the extra bag.

If a bag is excessively heavy, our drivers may refuse to move it as it could expose them to injury (2 medium size bags are better than one big and one small).  

We do offer a baggage storage service (above weight restrictions still apply).  If you wish to leave luggage with us, we will store and drop at your last accommodation.  The price for this service is £25 per bag.

Bits and Bobs

Please DO NOT attach anything, other than a label, to the outside of your bag.  We cannot be responsible if anything comes off your bag in the van and is mislaid – we move over 100 bags per day and if something fell off your bag we would not be sure who it belonged to.

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